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YogaJoy book combines yoga asanas and stories into an enchanting experience of yoga and imagination.

YogaJoy children's book consists of three meaningful stories that you can practise yoga with.
After each story there are discussion suggestions that invite children to recognize and talk about their feelings and to find compassion for the emotions of others. When children relate to the events in the stories this discussion moment can be a comfortable setting to talk about topics that you might not always find words for. How often have you asked children "How does it feel to help others or receive help? What can you be thankful for?".

Paula Kiuru is a certified Integral Yoga® teacher and the founder of Om Yoga studio in Tampere Finland. Karoliina Tiilikainen is health education and biology teacher. She has been teaching maternity- and childrens yoga at Om Yoga studio and various other venues.

The book was written to children and adults alike who enjoy a good story spending quality time together. Using the book you will be doing fun and easy yoga exercises at home, daycare or even at the school in no time. The book can also be used as tool with special education groups, physical therapy etc. Modify the practices as much as you like so that also special children can enjoy the benefits of yoga as well.

In addition to the stories the book offers plenty of discussion suggestions to talk about and meaningful subjects relating to the tales. After each story there's a discussion section so you can comfortably talk about feelings the story might awake.

Enjoy the stories - read and practice

You can choose to just enjoy reading the stories or do the practices along with the them. The book has clear photos of the asanas so you'll have no problem practicing without any prior yoga experience.

Relaxing is an important part of any yoga practice. This book includes five different relaxation stories that can also be used on their own for example bedtime. Learning to relax can help children who suffer from sleeping difficulties or have challenges on concentration. The relaxation stories are designed for everyone.
Desmidia Algaehair
Sometimes people pick at each other. Instead of teasing one another because of differences we could maybe appreciate the unique qualities and good in ourselves and others. Desmidia the mermaid doesn't like her green algae colored hair and desides to go findherself new hair. This search takes her to an adventure meeting different marine life who help her to eventually appreciate herself exactly as she is. This story is the longest one in the book and includes a couple of more challenging variations for the yoga practice. Based on the story, discussion topics include for example recognizing and appreciating difference.
Desert fox Veda and the amazing oasis
Story about a search for happiness and finding it. Sometime you have to travel far just to see what's right in front of your eyes. The sweet desert fox Veda travels across the dangerous desert only to find a surprise at the end of his journey. This discovery will help him understand some important lessons about life. This story is the shortest one in the book so that even the youngest children have the patience to focus on the yoga practice. The story offers discussion topics about thankfulness, helping others and happiness..
Bear cubs in the spring forest
Ursula and Untamo, the curious baby bear cubs find their new home forest a scary place. For them it would be much more comfortable to stay at their damp and tiny winter cave than to step out into the spring forest. Eventually they leave their old home and the new one, the forest, isn't too bad after all… With this story you get to act out different animals of the forest and discussion topics include about trust, good advice and how to approach new things.
Tales with emotion
In the book you will find practices for recognizing and getting in touch with emotions. These practices involve using music as well as to movement as a tool. Getting to know and discus different emotions can help also older children and the practices can be done on their own or as a part of the stories.
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